Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Be Silent Before Him

The Lord is in his holy temple; let all the earth be silent before him.
Habakkuk 2:20

Have you ever known someone who talked way too much? I'm talking about the kind of person who just doesn't know when to shut up, even if it's for their own good? 

I bet you have. I work with middle schoolers so... yeah I've known one or two kids like that. To tell the truth, I've been accused of talking too much myself on more than one occasion. It can be a real problem. It's off-putting and annoying for those around us.

But as guilty as I am of doing this to people, I can't help but wonder how much more guilty I am of doing it to God. How often do I go to God talking on and on when I ought to simply be silent?

Silent in awe of His glory.
Silent before Him bearing the weight of my sin and guilt.
Silent in repentance.
Silently rejoicing in the great grace He has shown me in Christ Jesus the Lord.
Silent in worship.
Silent in meekness, listening to hear what He might say to me.

Sometimes it is simply impossible to wrap words around the fear, the guilt, the joy, the love, or the gratitude that our hearts feel toward God. In these moments it is often better to lift our hearts up to God in silence than it is to try to explain to Him what He can read plainly on our hearts. 

When was the last time you sat silent before God, too overcome by His goodness to even form words? I encourage you to spend some time with the Lord today, and try to speak less than you normally do.

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